Motocross Helmets Are Super Important

motocross-guyI can’t handle it when there’s some lunatic out in Havasu on the dunes barefoot and in a sleeveless T and cut off shorts. Some people are just out of their minds. As in brains. As in the thing you should be protecting first and foremost.

Motocross helmets can be a real pain, especially finding one that you really like or one that’s gonna last. It’s hard to find one that’s going to breathe well and one that doesn’t have silly designs on it either.

Sometimes you might just be tempted to go without one. Even if your stinky friend is offering you his. But that’s just seems nasty. I guess if it was me and the choice was between having no helmet and borrowing my buddy’s motocross helmet I would probably take his just to save my skull.

And they are such a rip off. I mean you can get a generic one. But that foam stuff. I mean what do they make it out of? How can expensive brands actually have a better kind of material? I mean come on. It’s just foam.

I’ve seen some psychos riding around without a helmet on. It’s just nuts. Why would you do that ? Not even that much of a better right. Plus you are nervous the whole time that you gonna slip and fall down and crack your skull on a rock . It just ruins the whole thing.

You just end up wearing goggles anyway. What did you just get your hair cut? Did you just style it ? You just gonna have to take the risk you look less handsome? But on the plus side, you look a lot more mysterious.

Motocross helmets are super important. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pro rider who makes bucks off of motocross riding around with his head not protected. I don’t think thatever happens . He probably even wears one riding around his own backyard. Look, if you’re smart enough to be reading but you don’t own a motocross helmet. You’re lucky you haven’t crack your skull open yet. Wear a helmet.

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Ride At Your Own Level – Don’t Motocross the Line

motocross-airI don’t know what it is that gets people out into the desert. With the baking sun and sand and dust flying in your mouth-having to wear the full gear- motocross helmets, the pants, the pants, the gloves and goggles. Everything making sweat dripped all over. How can that be fun?

But I guess that just tells you how fun it is. If people are willing to do it in spite of all that discomfort. I mean it’s a dangerous thing to do. See you got to be really careful. You got to start out small. Don’t take too many big risks. Protect your spine. Protect your skull with a good helmet. Protect your hands with gloves .

Don’t be going out trying to do the latest greatest trick . Know your limitations. Practice in a safe area. Use the foam pits. Don’t watch motocross on TV and think you can do whatever you want. It’s not about being the bravest guy out there. It’s not about having the most nerve to do what you see other people doing. And don’t let other people pressure you.

It’s about learning. It’s about practice. It’s about a gradual increase in skill and confidence. You just need to take your time and stay committed. Don’t push yourself too far. Of course don’t be afraid of things that you shouldn’t be afraid of. But know your limitations. Hesitation can kill . But so can overconfidence. Be safe out there.

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Kids, ATVs – Really People? Again?

motocross-helmet-atvI guess we’re gonna hit this again to ram it home.

I hate to see little kids out in the desert riding on their ATVs without any kind of protection. Not to mention you never see their parents anywhere. So maybe they’re perfect riders.Maybe they’ve never fallen off even once.

But what about all the other problems that could go wrong. I mean really where are their parents? I’ve never seen like a six-year-old out there but I seen some 11 or 12-year-olds out in the middle of nowhere nobody to help them are nothing . What kind of craziness is that?

And the first thing to go always is the motocross helmet. Motocross helmets are the most important thing you got to have on . I don’t care if you’re out there and your boxer shorts. If you have a helmet on you are probably better off than anybody in full gear minus the helmet.

So don’t be fools. Parents, don’t let your kids go off by themselves . They can’t be trusted to make a wise decision especially when operating a TV or any other motocross vehicle.¬†Hey kids, if your parents aren’t careful to tell you what to do, I’m telling you. Keep your motocross helmet on. Live to ride another day straight up.


Kids and Quads Don’t Mix

motocross-atv-shadowShould ATV riding be a family affair? I don’t know. I just get squeamish when I see kids on ATVs. Maybe it’s like a 16 or 17 year old kid and his girlfriend are riding around. I could see that. But I don’t know about mom and dad and the little kids all driving around on several hundred pound vehicles risking life and limb just to drive around on some sand dunes.

It just doesn’t seem like a good idea. I mean I guess if it’s legal, people think it’s cool too. Something just tells me it’s not smart. It seems like ATVs especially started as more like a work vehicle. Do you take your little kid out on thetractor? Do you give them the keys to thebulldozer? Hey Billy why don’t you bring the forklift over when you’re done playing with your toys.

I think you see where I am coming from. But I think just some parents dads especially like to start tradition with their kids and things they enjoy doing.

But I think motocross vehicles and motocross sports are kind of a gray area. Understandably, it’s no fun to sit down with a five-year-old and play blocks all day . But does that really mean you go to rush him into something that might be dangerous for him. Just so you can enjoy what you’re doing and how you’re spending time with him. I mean you could just pick up a fishing pole.

But I digress. I guess it’s up to the individual and what comfort level they have. But as for me, I get real uncomfortable when I see little kids riding around the desert on something that could flip over on them and their life in a second. Be safe out there and watch your kids.

But you don’t have to take my word for it!

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Motocross Riders Are Psycho – delic!

Hit the jump. Go big or go home. Motocross is an addiction. The faster you go is never fast enough. You are always trying to do new tricks and you’re always trying to reach new heights.

motocross-helmet-blueI remember the first time I was at a home track. Actually, the funny thing is the first thing that I thought about was how much gas they were using. The guy who owned the place he was in his 30s and kids. And I watched him riding around and doing crazy things in the air I thought what about your kids, man?

Probably because I was more into golf and watching TV and any kind of risky extracurricular activity. But those guys know what they were doing. I mean they were flipping every which way, spinning high in the air and landing wherever. It was nuts.

Me and my buddy just watched them while they went around around for hours. Actually I got pretty bored. But I guess as wasn’t because I wasn’t riding. Now that I think about it. Even if I did get a chance to ride, I probably wouldn’t have had any fun because the track was so advanced.

But I was impressed by what they were doing. It looks like it took a lot of concentration and a lot of courage. A lot of self-confidence that they knew what they were doing. I always wondered how people went up in the air like that they could just believe that they were gonna do exactly the right thing at exactly the right time to come out okay. There’s a lot of things that could go wrong on your control. That’s just crazy.

But that’s what motocross is- just crazy. I was a little too old to get into the game when I found out about it. So now I just sit back and watch sometimes.